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The Mojo CollectiveIf you think you've seen a 'Retro 70s Funk/Disco band' before – forget it! This is no covers band, baby – this is a show! Imagine the 70s grooves of the Bee Gees, Jackson 5, James Brown etc, combined with the comedy of Austin Powers and Anchorman and you've pictured The Mojo Collective! Yeah baby.

It all started one night when six talented musicians had an idea for a band that made them laugh so hard it hurt! That night a super-group was formed. You'll dance, you'll scream, you'll laugh, you'll be talking about it for weeks! 'The Mojos' fuse a set of over twenty guaranteed classic floor-fillers, with stage presence so full of energy and razor-sharp wit that they'd send Spinal Tap running to their mommas in tears!

The band

The Mojo Collective is made up of 'Top 40' session players, signed artists and music college graduates, who have extensive experience touring in over twenty countries, TV and radio appearances and playing in every type of venue from clubs and pubs to football stadiums. Band members have worked alongside artists as diverse as Destiny's Child, The Sex Pistols, Goldie Lookin' Chain, Seasick Steve and Craig David!

Each band member has his or her own stage name and comedy Austin Powers-esque back story and persona.

Jango Love: Guitar
Lafawnduh Bootay: Lead Vocals
Quintin De Lite: Bass
Funk Spencer: Drums
Dorian Mode: Keyboards

Plus occasional 'Special Guest Stars':

Hilary Jaguar-Benz: Sound
Maurice Van Der Phunque: Manager

If you like the idea of the smooth 70s grooves but would prefer a more chilled out dancing experience for your wedding or corporate party, you also have the option of a stripped down show without the costumes, wigs and 'larger than life' stage presence. Call the Top Dog Team to discuss which option might suit your event.

Set list

The Mojo Collective's set list includes classic floor-fillers like:

Blame It On The Boogie
Lady Marmalade
I Feel Good
Play That Funky Music White Boy
Disco Inferno
You Might Need Somebody
Stayin' Alive
I Will Survive

I Want You Back 
I Wish
Sex Machine
Easy Like Sunday Morning
Lovely Day
Dancing Queen
Celebrate Good Times, C'mon!
Le Freak

Media clips

The Mojo Collective: 'The Mojos' movie (video, 6′19″)
'The Mojos' movie
video, 6′19″
The Mojo Collective: I will survive (mp3 audio, 0′51″)
I will survive
mp3 audio, 0′51″
The Mojo Collective: Play that funky music (mp3 audio, 1′35″)
Play that funky music
mp3 audio, 1′35″
The Mojo Collective: Sampler (various) (mp3 audio, 2′40″)
Sampler (various)
mp3 audio, 2′40″
The Mojo Collective: In the studio (jpeg image)
In the studio
jpeg image

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